diy tattoos, and other art in new york city

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diy tattoos, and other art in new york city

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︎ frequently asked questions

howdy, i’m jules (they/she/he), a queer diy tattoo artist from oklahoma residing in queens, new york. my art is inspired by every day objects, americana folk art, vintage and kitsch aesthetics, jewelry/fashion, and religious iconography.

in my experience, hand pokes tend to expand and fill out over time, healing darker than at the time of the appointment, in most cases. i try to anticipate how a tattoo will heal by underdoing it, rather than overdoing it. you can always contact me for a free touch up!

note: i am a community/self taught tattooer without an apprenticeship. i’ve only been tattooing about three years, and my tattoos arent perfect! tattoo is truly trial and error, and inconsistencies are to be expected with hand pokes. while i believe this is part of what makes handmade tattoos so special, if you’re a perfectionist when it comes to your own tattoos, i might not be the artist for you!

what is hand poke?
hand poked tattoos are made by using a needle to deposit ink into the skin, dot by dot. it is very similar to getting a machine tattoo in several ways, but stick and pokes are machine free. they often aren’t as deep as a machine tattoo, but if done correctly should hold up just the same.

does it take a long time?
personally, most of my appointments range from 1-3 hours, and some tattoos do require a second session. size, placement, and color all affect the duration of the tattoo, and i think i’m fairly slow-paced in general. please allow a few hours for your appointment, though i am happy to split any tattoo into multiple sessions.

do you accept custom requests?
currently i am not accepting requests for custom tattoos. flash and flash variations ONLY. you can find available flash on my website, or in my instagram “flash” highlight.

how should i prepare for my tattoo?
please eat and hydrate before your appointment! you’re welcome to bring a snack as well. moisturize the area you’re planning on getting tattooed. wear comfortable clothing that you woudn’t mind possibly getting ink on.

what is sliding scale pricing?
a sliding scale rate of payment allows for a bit of accessibility in the pricing of my work; you will not have to justify the rate you pay within the scale, but I ask you to question your social, racial, and economic privilege when deciding.
ex. sliding scale of $150-200

consider paying on the lower end of the scale if you are:
  • disabled
  • in a large amount of debt
  • denied work due to your identity or incarceration history

consider paying on the higher end of the scale if you are:
  • debt free
  • traveling to get tattooed
  • higher education graduate
  • financially priviledged

can i book more than one design for a session?
usually! truly depends on the complexity of the designs and my availablity. most likely, no more than three small pieces, or two medium pieces during one session.

my friend and i both want a tattoo from you! can i fill out one form for the both of us?
even if you’re planning on making the trip together, i prefer one form per client so i can keep better track of everything! let me know you and your friend are hoping to book at the same time in the “comments” section on the bottom of my booking form.

︎ aftercare
note: i am not a doctor! if at any point, your tattoo starts to ache, swell, ooze, or otherwise look alarming, please contact a medical professional.

when using opsite flex bandage:

  • bandages may be left on up to 5 days. i personally leave mine on the full five days, but it is up to you. they are waterproof, breathable, and hypoallergenic, though if you notice any excessive itchiness or irritation remove it immediately.
  • a bit of fluid is normal, and if you notice the bandage getting rolled up and dirty or leaking, remove it and wash your tattoo.
  • remove your bandage with clean hands, pulling from a corner and going with the grain of your hair. it’s recommended to do so in a lukewarm shower, though not necessary.
  • after removing your bandage, wash immediately with warm water and unscented soap. pat dry with a clean paper towel. moisturize with unscented lotion/moisturizer. a light layer of aquaphor is fine. repeat until your tattoo has healed, typically about 3-4 weeks. 


  • touching, itching, and picking at your tattoo
  • swimming, baths, long showers, etc
  • direct sunlight
  • tight clothing
  • putting on another bandage

long term care includes keeping your tattoos moisturized when dry, and wearing sunscreen when necessary.

fresh vs healed